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RNA Interference: New Therapeutics in Allergic Diseases

[ Vol. 8 , Issue. 4 ]


Chen-Chen Lee and Bor-Luen Chiang   Pages 236 - 246 ( 11 )


Since the RNAi mechanisms were established in 1990, the rapid progression of RNAi application from animal to clinical trails in human diseases has shown its enormous therapeutic potential. In this review, RNAi therapeutics in allergic diseases is discussed, from RNAi mechanisms and design to challenges and potential targets in allergic diseases. Current reported studies on investigating RNAi therapy in vitro and in vivo are also reviewed. Although there are promising studies in RNAi-based therapy, understanding further the detailed mechanisms of RNAi-based therapy and investigating more effective delivery methods are required for future development.


Allergy, RNAi, siRNA, shRNA, gene therapy, transcription factor, cytokine, susceptibility genes


Department of Pediatrics, National Taiwan University Hospital, No. 7, Chung-Shan South Road,Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China.

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